Module I: Welcome to eTwinning

1. Access to eTwinning. Your registration. Capture your page

2. Practice at the desk. Your profile and your centre

3. Reflection 1: Your expectations in eTwinning

For a long time I wanted to do an eTwinning trainning and now it finally seems to come true. Why? Because as a specialist teacher of a foreign language, I think it is very linked to promote the four communicative skills of the students.

I have a clear concept but I have never finished understanding its true functioning and benefits. In addition, I did the Erasmus + course a couple of years ago and it is very related and linked, so I would like to create innovative projects for my students using this tool and in contact with professionals and students from other countries to promote the English language.

4. Reflection 2: What do you want to change in your classroom?

Creating new innovative projects, in collaboration with international professionals to promote communication skills. A project based on the reading (and listening) of works in English and the subsequent oral production of these readings by the students. As well as the writing of texts on different topics.

The main goal is that my students feel the need to communicate and to understand the production of the language (especially oral), as a basic point to learn the language in an efficient way.

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